2019 ISH Shanghai Expo, September 3-5 2019上海供热展

Zhenpeng attended the ISH Shanghai Expo, from September 3-5. We displayed our new Metric Cold Expansion System. The Cold Expansion System uses a special expansion tool to expand the pipe and ring, using its memory to shrink automatically and fix the fitting inside, to form a strong, leak-free connection. It is a easy, fast and safe connection system. 

With the increasing attention and popularity of quick and safe connection in air-condition, floor heating and potable water systems, the PPSU PEX pipe system is highly regarded and recgonized. Our products arose strong reaction in the market.

Zhenpeng PPSU fittings are durable, light weight, lead free, corrosion free, and resistant to chlorine and other substances that may be present in today's potable water supply. Today's resin has been used and refined over the past 20 years and has proven a very reliable replacement for brass and copper fittings.

We have PPSU Coupling, PPSU Elbow, PPSU Tee, PEX Ring.     Size: 16  20  25  32

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1. 连接非常的方便,只需要简单的扩张工具(手动或者电动的都可以)即可完成,省去了过去复杂的安装步骤,省时省力。

2. 使用寿命长,我们采用进口PPSU原材料,产品保质期达50年。有些管件在使用过程中由于材料本身或者人为因素,会出现很多问题,比如管件老化和漏水。


4. 价格便宜,相比铜管件可以节省15%-20%的成本。

5. PPSU管件无毒无味无铅,在欧美国家饮用水系统中广泛应用。

6. PPSU管件使用环境 -15℃—92℃

随着快易连接在空调,地暖和饮用水系统中越来越多的普及,PPSU PEX 管件系统会越来越被大家关注和认可。展会上向我们咨询的客户源源不断,通过这次展会我们也了解到越来越多的人想要了解并尝试这套系统。

我们的产品包括直接,弯头,三通和冷扩环,规格有16,20, 25, 32